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About D Hirst Hypnotherapy

What Do I Do?

I am a Solution Focussed Hypnotherapist working from my clinic in Brighouse, West Yorkshire; offering support to people of Brighouse, Huddersfield and surrounding areas.

I trained with the Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training School (CPHT) which is the “Gold Standard” in Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy. I am fully insured, hold a current enhanced DBS certificate and I’m a member of the Association for Solution Focussed Hypnotherapists (AfSFH).

Solution focussed hypnotherapy uses the latest brain research alongside a combination of psychotherapy and hypnosis to bring about long lasting, life changing and positive change.

Together (you and me) we achieve this by focussing on the outcomes and the future that you want, rather than exploring any problems of the past.

Why Do I Do it?

While establishing myself in the Civil Engineering world, I became involved in Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy (SFH) while helping my partner combat a major mental illness.

After the birth of our son in 2012, my partner soon started suffering from post-natal depression. Unfortunately this persisted and developed into CRDD (Chronic, Recurrent Depressive Disorder) and continued for close to 7 years.

We came across an advert for Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy and thought we’d give it a try after trying many other treatments. SFH helped my partner focus on the positive aspects of her life and results were evident almost immediately.

On the back of the success of SFH with my partner, I used it as a tool to help me curb a 19 year smoking habit and I’m delighted to say that years after our sessions, we are both still free of what we sought aid from SFH for in the first place.

Who Am I?

I’m Darren Hirst; a Husband, a Father, a Son, Brother, Uncle and Nephew.

I’m the person you’ll see standing at the side of the football pitch on a Sunday morning coaching the local junior football team. I’m the person you went to school with; the person you worked with; played football and golf with; the person that’s been a little worse for wear on a Friday and Saturday night (sometimes on a school night). I’m the person that has good days and bad days. I’m the person that’s also had my own battles. I’m the person that has put the pedal to the metal with little care of the consequences while I was down. Ultimately, I am you.

I made the decision to begin practicing SFH simply because of the relief I felt when I saw the impact of the therapy on my partner. Knowing what it’s like to be involved in something so debilitating, my aim is to provide that relief to as many people as possible and in our experience, SFH is an excellent, stress free way of providing that opportunity for you to “Rediscover You”.

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