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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Initial Consultation (IC)?

The IC is the introductory session and in it we will note down your details, discuss a very brief medical history and discuss your best hopes from your sessions (the solution). We will then have a look at how our brains work and what’s happening in relation to your situation in a simple, understandable way.
I will explain the process going forward and give a rough estimate on how many sessions will be required for you to achieve the outcome.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is another name for ‘Trance’.
If I was to ask you now “what did you eat for breakfast 2 days ago?” it is likely you will look away from your screen, possibly in to space, while you recollect and ponder the question. This is a very basic level of trance.
We enter a trance state many times a day, the most common and relatable is when we are driving. How many times have you arrived at a destination or completed a section of a journey and have little recollection of that journey? This is simply because you have temporarily entered a trance-state.
In a clinical setting, the relaxed mind is much more open to suggestion and we use this to illicit positive change in your thought patterns.

How is my data handled?

Any personal data is protected in line with current GDPR guidelines. All information about you and our sessions is confidential and stored on a password protected laptop. Any files that contain any personal information are also password protected.
Any text messages are on a pin and fingerprint protected phone.
It may be necessary at times for me to discuss your case with my supervisor to ensure you are getting the most effective and best level of care. Any personal details will be redacted from any documents or conversations.
A copy of my privacy policy can be found here

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