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Blue Hydrangeas

Awesome service! Darren is brilliant at what he does and solution-based hypnotherapy really can change and save lives. The treatment is really relaxing and therapeutic. Highly recommended.

Signing Contract

Yes you did (help me achieve my goal). Whilst I still do not like spiders - I no longer have the overriding fear of them that I had or the panic I used to experience when I saw one.

The pleasure was mine- you’ve helped me overcome or get to grips with my immense fear of spiders and sick  with your method of hypnotherapy. Others tried and failed😊

Reading To Your Dog

Yes (it helped achieve my goal) – not just the driving anxiety but every day anxiety too – I’m noticeably calmer to the point where people have commented/complimented me on this.

Just a really sincere thank you, for your help and your encouragement and your kind words

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